Saturday, November 9, 2013

Show Like a Pro! Workshop Weekend

Last weekend I hosted and co presented our Show Like a Pro! Workshop Weekend with Suzy Olsen. I had "met" Suzy online on various Facebook pages and realized that she is doing basically what I am doing in Texas. Suzy has shown dogs all over the world and is a KPA grad and I knew that she would have lots of great info. I wasn't disappointed and don't think workshop attendees were either!

On the first day, Suzy presented a lot of how to train the basics. She talked about clicker training, had attendees practice mechanical skills, discussed how to train basic behaviors, how to write training plans, how to keep dogs focused and interested in the ring and so much more.

On day two, I presented tips, tools and secrets including the use of cavalettis and other tools like platforms, body awareness and conditioning, stacking tools and more.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am hoping that Suzy and I will be able to present this in other parts of the country as I feel it was a very valuable weekend for all of us!

Here are a few photos of the weekend!