Sunday, June 24, 2018

Introducing Show Dog Prep School

I am beyond excited with this new announcement I have to share. For years now I have wanted to create a school that would serve all the people out there looking for more information on training, handling and living with show dogs. There are many online schools for dog training, but Show Dog Prep School is the only online school that focuses on the training of show dogs. Also, Show Dog Prep School focuses on training, handling and living with show dogs using science-based methods with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement.

Our lineup of instructors is impressive and is growing all the time. Our first group of courses are taught by myself as well as some other amazing dog women. Andrea Stone of UCLA dogs in Seattle and longtime Basenji breeder/owner/handler is teaching courses on Taking the Challenge out of Challenging Breeds and Consent to Care - Trouble Free Nail Trims. Cherie Elkholm of Wrapped Up in Dogs and Bichon Frise owner/handler is a TTouch practitioner and canine massage specialist and is teaching a course on Telling TTouch for Show Dogs as well as a super informative course on Safe Traveling with Show Dogs. Finally, we have Laura Reeves, second generation breeder/owner/handler and the founder of Pure Dog Talk podcast is offering a course on Canine Structure 101 - Understanding Your Dog's Structure and Breed Standard. This course will blow your socks off. Laura will be offering a course series on breeding for the next round of courses and I know those will be amazing as well. Our next release of courses will welcome instructors Michele Pouliot and Jenna Bullis.

Some of our course offerings include Teaching Gaiting for the Show Ring, Teaching Stacking for the Show Ring, Training Your Toy Show Dog, Managing Your Multi-Sport Show Dog, Handling 101, Problem Solving Dog Show Issues and so much more.

On July 1 Dog Show Prep School opens for business! I invite you to check us out! Visit us at on July 1!