Welcome to Positive Training for Show Dogs.  If you have a 
show dog and want to learn more about using positive 
reinforcement methods to train your dog for the ring you are at 
the right place!  

Our goal is to help people get information on positive 
reinforcement training, including clicker training to train their 
show dogs.  To help owners of show dogs learn to recognize
stress signals in their dogs and help shy or fearful dogs become 
more comfortable in the show ring.  Positive reinforcement
training works with ALL dogs of all breeds regardless of what 
you may have heard.  Positive reinforcement training actually 
works with all species of animals and it is how most zoo 
keepers and marine mammal trainers train their animals.  There 
is absolutely no reason to choke, jerk or intimidate a dog to get 
train what you want.  When you train with understanding and 
compassion and you end up with an animal that is willing and 
committed to you, not afraid of you.

With information on training, equipment including videos to help
you, you are sure to find what you need about positive training 
for show dogs here.