Online Resources
Positive Training for Show Dogs Facebook Page is Vicki's facebook page that 
helps and supports people who are showing their dogs using positive reinforcement 
methods. Find it here.

Clickershowdogs is a yahoogroups email discussion list dedicated for positive training 
for show dogs.  To sign up, simply go to and type in 
"clickershowdogs" or click here.  You will be required to fill out an email questionaire.  
The list is growing and is a great place to discuss positive training for show dogs and 
get your questions answered.

Positive Reinforcement Conformation Trainers

We have compiled a list of positive reinforcement conformation trainers.  Please 
see our list


Positive Training for Show Dogs - Building a Relationship for Success by 
Vicki Ronchette
The first book written that focuses on training show ring behaviors using positive 
reinforcement methods including clicker training. Find it here!

From Shy to Showy - Help for Your Shy Show Dog
Vicki Ronchette
Vicki Ronchette's newest book focuses on teaching shy show dogs to learn how
to enjoy showing. Using positive, science based training methods Vicki shows you how
to modify your dog's behavior so that they can enjoy the ring and be more successful 
show dogs. Find it here!

Click to Win! by Karen Pryor

An out of print book that is a collection of clicker training show dog articles.

The Cautious Canine by Patricia McConnell, PhD
A very useful and well written handbook about dealing with fear issues in dogs.

Going for the Blue by Roger Caras

A nice little book about dog shows and how they work.

Websites - Northern California dog training business specializing in 
positive training for show dogs. - Great website and DVD on puppy raising.